Conway Network

Conway Network is an arts organisation working to innovate arts and media. Our key purposes are to provide career pathways for diverse creatives, supporting them from training to employment; regardless of their backgrounds. Offer a home for creatives to access well-rounded resources throughout their journey, giving them a foundation of personal and professional support. And, engage communities in meaningful work that encourages empowerment, unity and celebration.

Our Core Values:

Conscious Leadership: to encourage all leaders within and connected to our organisation to lead with awareness and consideration for all stakeholders.


Effective Teamwork: to energise all teams to strive for excellence and empower them with trust, to contribute to all areas of the business.


Continuous Learning: to be open to new ways of doing things at all levels of the business.


Commitment To Stakeholders: to consider all stakeholders when making decisions within the business and ensuring they are integrated in everything that we do.


Boldness: to be brave in our innovation, projects and decisions.

"The work we do is bigger than us and will leave a legacy beyond our imagination."  

Rem Conway

Founder & CEO