In Education

C.I.E is a theatre in education programme that uses drama to encourage young people in schools, colleges and institutions to explore issues that are having a negative effect on their development and raise their aspirations. We develop bespoke workshops tailored to your young people to encourage them to exercise true expression, reengage with their education and progress personally.


Our mission is to use drama to support young people and encourage them to explore their thoughts and feelings towards their individual experiences. We want to empower them to effectively express and communicate their emotions in a positive way. Our goal is to enable them to understand the importance of their role within society.



We are passionate and dedicated to the personal development of young people.


We are open, honest and transparent in everything we do, offering a safe environment for young people to confidently express themselves.


We are focused on nurturing our young people to reach their full potential and explore any barriers that are preventing their development.


Exploring the influence of social media, recognising signs of grooming and understanding the impact of cyber bullying.

Mental wellbeing programme

Exploring topics of identity and body image, understanding thoughts and feelings and learning how to understand others and access help.

Anti-social behaviour programme

Exploring the affects of gang crime, understanding the affects of knife crime and considering how individual choices and consequences.




"I now know how to express different emotions in many different ways and understand myself more"

"At first I was nervous about doing drama but the  tutors really made it fun. I learnt how what I do at school can affect my future"

“I wish they could come and teach us every day. They gets us, and understand what being our age is like. I like the way they listen to us and lets us put all of our own ideas into the scenes too.”









Conway Network are passionate about the work they do and are innovative when teaching the pupils the tools they need to ensure both holistic growth and academic success is achieved.  They are professional in their approach with staff, pupils and parents.   

They have gone above and beyond our expectations and this can be seen through the change in behaviours of the cohorts of pupils they have worked with and are working with. The students look forward to seeing the team and after each session cannot wait to share the new things they have learnt with the rest of the Pastoral Team.


Conway Network have worked with a select cohort of students, negative behaviour incidences have decreased and positive behaviour incidences have increased. Parents have also commented that their children seem to have more of an awareness of themselves. Due to the outstanding success of the programme with our year 9 students, we have now rolled out the programme with our year 10 students, which has so far been just as successful.


Conway staff also work with identified pupils on a one to one basis and has the skills to build a positive rapport with pupils in a very short space of time therefore having an immediate impact.  This is the best outside agency that we have ever utilised, as the impact can be seen straight after the first session.  They have become part of our pastoral family.



Conway Network have been working with our young people on an anti-knife crime performance project. Within moments of being in the classroom the team established a positive, supportive and productive learning environment. Not only have pupils developed their performance skills, they have looked at their personal skills; resilience, determination, control and self-awareness to name but a few.


The team went above and beyond to support the needs of all of our learners. I as the classroom teacher, was involved in the planning of the project every step of the way and the team made sure they were aware of any SEND and EAL learner needs. I and the pupils felt excited when they came to deliver a workshop, each session was different and inspiring, and as the classroom teacher I felt empowered to talk about and create work on such an important, yet challenging topic to tackle effectively.


It is clear that the C.I.E Team have a passion for working with young people, inspiring them to be the best they can be, and to understand how to communicate with others effectively. It was inspiring to watch them with our young people, as their passion and enthusiasm shone through instantly. 


The pupils have a new found sense of belief and determination and for a lot of the pupils this is the first time they have committed to a long term project. The team created a positive environment rooted in mutual respect, effective communication and honesty. They never gave up on a pupil and found a specific performance or technical support role to suit the individual learning and behavioural needs of our pupils. The pupils, as am I, are so proud of what they have achieved. I cannot thank the team enough for what he has achieved with our pupils, and I know this is only the beginning of a long standing relationship between Great Barr Academy and Conway Network.